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Category:Pets & Animals, Advertisements
Tags:pool, drowning, ramp, wildlife
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 7
I saw some owner's comments about how frogs are too dumb to find the thing, and maybe if they had colored it green like a lily-pad it would actually work.
White Trash Party
Feel like the blue tailed skink had some off camera help there. He did not give a fuck.
We stuck a piece of plastic fence into our pool as an impromptu ramp for a similar effect.

Weirdly, though a lot of frogs live around here, they don't ever seem to find their way into the pool, and the ramp is mostly for the odd chipmunk who did.
These are good for bats, too.
infinite zest
As the future owner of a hot tub, I approve of this.
Boomer The Dog
The frogs on the intro picture look like my pet toad, Denise Hoppy.

I wonder about the chlorine in pools, seems it would be dangerous to amphibious creatures like frogs, salamanders.

infinite zest
Yeah Chlorene is bad across the boards no what, but a little, like the amount a dog might get if it jumped in and swam to the other side probably wouldn't instantly kill a small mammal or reptile, but it's probably like exposing a non-smoker to any level of carbon monoxide that smokers' bodys are more used to. I lifeguarded for a few years and usually it was the tarp itself that was the culprit: bigger guys like opossums and wild rabbits could easily climb out but in a panic they'd get trapped in or under it. ANY platform, even a kickboard errantly left in, can be used as a means of propelling out of there, which really made me wish we had one of these instead of being the guy who killed Bambi's BFF :)

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