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Category:News & Politics, Stunts
Tags:Space, buzz aldrin, bullshit, Gurning, trump
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Comment count is 11
Oscar Wildcat
Donald Trump is like a storm raging inside you!
blue vein steel
The face of a man too old to give a fuck anymore.
Maggot Brain
Needs a little of this...


"How did we do it without space?"
He actually has a translator in his ear, someone is translating it to Chinese and then back to English and it actually makes a fuckton more sense that way.
The Mothership
The best Trump speeches are the ones that are clearly written by somebody else.

And even they suck ass.
It's like writing a speech for a 6 year old to read.

You COULD put a lot of effort into it, but 90% of the time he'll get bored after 3 sentences and start talking about cartoons or toys.

Trump inspires the kind of faith and devotion from his staff that any pathetic career middle-manager does by spouting off drek from management self-help books.

He's just wondering the whole time, "Will this speech be recorded for posterity, like in that book of Hitler's speeches I used to keep by the bedside?"

That's not really fair, exy. Do you actually think trump has studied any speeches by anyone ever? Or read a book?

I once read somewhere (ON THE INTERNET!) that Hitler refused to read anything more than a page long. So, he pretty much ran his side of WWII on one-page Cliff's Notes.

I'm sure there's some comparision to be made with the Tweeter In Chief, but I'll leave that to others.

I read somewhere (maybe even before I got on the internet) that Hitler LOVED the Three Stooges more than almost anything and would watch them in his private screening room every chance he got.

Monkey Napoleon
He's got the face of a man who's worried whether or not anybody realizes he just smoked a joint as thick as your arm.
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