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Category:Trailers, Video Games
Tags:Fist of the North Star, Sega, yakuza
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Comment count is 7
Not gonna lie, I want this.

Although I wish an American developer would make these things, the Japanese just seem locked into the late-90s/early-00s style of game making (in the worst ways)
Killer Joe
Help me out.
I haven't played the yakuza games, but this looks like a meh Fist game with Ken making someone an appletini. What's the yakuza part?
shoehorned the bar scene?

Well, TECHINALLY the name is "Like a North Star" as the Yakuza series, in Japan is "Like a Dragon". But the gameplay will be very influenced by the series, so I assumed (And can easily see them calling it) the name "Yakuza of the North Star". And in terms of what Yakuza plays like, basically it's Shen Mue done right.

Fist of the North Star always gets 5 stars.
infinite zest
Damn PS4 is getting a lot of games I want to play, so much that I'm considering getting a console with some unspent POT. If my interest is mainly Persona 5 and finally trying out Last of Us, with everything else kinda fun-looking that I might pick up when the price drops, should I be fine with the regular PS4 or should I hold out until Xbox One X comes out and PS4 Pro ostensibly gets a Holiday price drop? Graphics-wise, my PC can outperform a PS4 Pro in Tekken 7 so graphics really aren't my thing.

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