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Category:General Station
Tags:Redneck, houston, national guard, flood
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Comment count is 15
cant be redneck trucks.

there isn't a single 'murican flag painted on or attached to them.
Crab Mentality
The one doing the pulling is an Escalade!

Oh, the custom blue monster truck surely counts.

looks like business advertising, not redneck customizing.

Exactly the sort of vehicle on which rednecks would advertise.

Are they shilling a bait shop? Because, at this point, they could use a bait shop.

So how does that decision tree branch out? "So I've got this Escalade, it's an older model, I like it, it gets around OK, but it just feels a bit too low to the ground for me. Any way I could get some monster truck wheels on it and jack it up some more? I think that would make for a far improved Escalade experience."

infinite zest
If I had the money for an escalade in the first place, that would be my thought process as well.

Monkey Napoleon
In any place BUT Texas (and possibly including Texas), that Escalade isn't street legal. Not even a redneck does that to a Truck he intends to drive on the road regularly. That's a truck you build explicitly to drive back and forth over a mud hole with your buddies while you pound back Milwaukie's Best and coax your gf to act like a stripper.



Maggot Brain
This is the dumbest hurricane.
The Mothership
Sniff... of thee I sing...
Remember this when you liberal faggots are crying about global warming!
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Well, its clear that monster trucks are the only feasible solution to the problems of extreme weather and sea level rise...
But they emit so much carbon they cause more extreme weather and sea level rise... Fueling the need for even *more* monster trucks... Oh no!!

infinite zest
Max Rockatansky never drove no hybrid, this much I know..

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
-1 because there's two pulling it out and not just the one you see at the beginning.
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