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Desc:In response, the transit agency removed the bus stop, forcing riders to walk 1+mile to the next one.
Category:News & Politics, Nature & Places
Tags:california, public transit
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Binro the Heretic
This is in my hometown of Pensacola, Florida:


That's not a ditch. That's an actual swamp. Snakes come slithering out of it from time to time. Mosquitoes, horse flies & other blood-suckers are a constant source of misery in the warm months. Sometimes highly territorial Muscovy ducks decide to camp nearby. Roadkill is also a problem at certain times of the year. How would you like to have to stand around for twenty minutes downwind of a rotting raccoon?

The posted speed limit is 45 MPH, but the average speed is about 60 MPH. That intersection you see out there is one of the most wreck-prone in Pensacola.

Buses are used mostly by the very poor as a way to get around. They not only get to work by bus, they also have to perform all their errands by bus. Every time someone tries to push for improvements to our public transportation system, a bunch of comfortable selfish assholes whine about having to subsidize transportation for other people.
And the worst part is that it's in Florida.

Looks like yours wasn't nominated for this year, but I think they do these every year:
http://usa.streetsblog.org/category/special-reports/sorriest-b us-stops-2017/

infinite zest
Just for shits and giggles here's mine: http://tinyurl.com/y89ag6s2

The stop itself is fine, but on a street once famous in Portland for prostitution, illegal street racing and tons of drugs, it's like all those vices got a permit to keep doing it as long as it's outside of this particular stop. Ironically the street view picture is one of the few where it looks like it was just cleaned out by the cops (still there), probably only because they got a tip that Google Maps' van was going to be there that day.

This was the worst I had to use in Houston:


I took the bus there to buy some N64 games from a dude in the yellow gated megaplex across the road.

Afterwards I walked along the shoulder & under the underpass to the Ikea. It was awful. Both the shoulder and the Ikea. I took an Uber home after that.

Houston's bus system was remarkably not horribly awful if you didn't go out to the burbs much. They had just overhauled everything the year before I moved there, and had just opened a new trolley line.

Maggot Brain
A little bit of back ground on Mission Valley, the whole area was built up right after WWII when "THE CITY OF TOMORROW" was all the rage. As such the whole area was built for cars and massive shopping centers with no actual people in mind. There is ONE bike and pedestrian path in and out of of the valley which goes up a very steep grade. This path was only completed last year. Once at the bottom of the path you still need to cross a massive over pass and if you are walking, walk along several streets that don't have side walks to get close to any of the shopping malls.

Jesus Christ what a bunch of whiners. Where I live you wait precariously perched on top of a snowbank 4 months of the year because there IS no bus stop, only a sign sticking out of the snowbank.
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