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Oscar Wildcat - 2017-09-16

-long view of dystopian city hellscape, all booming flares and social unrest-


"Los Angeles, twenty seventeen. The hollywood corporation has flooded the marketplace with synthetic movies. They look like movies, sound like movies, but in fact they are just cheap plastic copies of original movies. Will famed bounty reviewers Siskel and Ebert return to save humanity from this unending onslaught of simulacra?"

GravidWithHate - 2017-09-17

Eh, they're going to butcher one of the main plots in the original book: The idea that the synthetic movies lack any empathy for human experience, and the task of being a bounty reviewer eventually destroys empathy in the reviewers themselves. I mean the core of the book is the extended scene with Gene Siskel on some alien hallucinogen sitting in an audience watching what is very clearly a thinly disguised Transformers movie struggling to to try to understand and hold on to some sense of common humanity with the shadowy figures watching with him.

StanleyPain - 2017-09-16

I dig the look and feel, but I am pretty worried about the movie turning out to be shit. I was optimistic when it seemed like WB was going to market the movie as serious sci-fi and something moderately respectful to the original, but holy shit have they decided to turn on the fucking marketing hype bullshit tap to full blast. Prequel shorts, endless teasers and trailers that give away the whole fucking plot, excessive emphasis on making the film look like some Michael Bay action film... I am sincerely worried that they basically took a decent film made by some solid filmmakers and basically just corporate-boardroomed the shit out of it. I haven't heard any buzz about reshoots or the film being taken away from the director or anything, but WB has an absolute shit reputation these days for how it produces films so it wouldn't surprise me if what comes out in October is some "filmprodukt" bullshit put together by a trailer company because everyone at WB was terrified the film might not make 800 zillion dollars if they just actually released a real movie.

blue vein steel - 2017-09-16

i've been pretty good about avoiding all the hype, and i've only seen the initial trailer and this, just because i've found Dave Bautista's transition from a bad wrestler to a competent actor interesting.

When it's a movie that i already know i'm going to see in theaters (i mean, Blade Runner is one of my top 5, so this is a given) i self-impose a moratorium on hype media related to it (where i'll even leave a theater during trailers), because i like to be surprised.

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