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That guy - 2017-10-01

My optimism for BR 2049 in the last few months has gone from cautious, to brazen, to skittish at best.

SolRo - 2017-10-01

Early reviews are pretty positive. The only two bad reviews are from an idiot that liked Batman v Superman and another idiot that didn't like the original Blade Runner.

That guy - 2017-10-01

No, Zacharek gave it a bad review and she is definitely not an idiot. She is wrong sometimes, but every critic is wrong sometimes. Dana Stevens gave it a lukewarm review, and she's another definite non-idiot.
Conversely, more very good critics gave it 8/10 to 10/10 scores.

I'm just very skeptical about any movie like this nowadays being a rehash-reboot instead of a sequel, and there are some complaints of that.

Zacharek is often at her best when she disagrees with the herd, and although she's been wrong in that way in the past, she's also been right.

StanleyPain - 2017-10-01

The initial press is pretty positive and it confirms what I had hoped: the marketing is garbage and is trying to make it look like Guardians of the Galaxy or some shit when it's actually a 3 hour long intelligent sci-fi film. So...I'm feeling better about it. Also, while I have been avoiding a lot about the film so as to avoid spoilers, what little they have established about the back story of the film (what happens after BR) is a pretty good idea and, in a way, fits a bit more in line with the feel of the original PKD novel.

That guy - 2017-10-01

Yes, I hope the majority of critics are right.

I just get concerned (since I love the original) when a good critic or two say 'beautiful but empty rehash'.

exy - 2017-10-02

Blade Ranner.

Wun luv.

This was a pretty cute cartoon, 5 for that.

betamaxed - 2017-10-02

5 stars for a good animated short but I too feel a little weary of this sequel. It's not like the original was perfect out of the gate as it took multiple decades of different cuts / releases to "get it right" and even then there's some debate.

Regarding this new movie, it looks like a legitimate effort but was it necessary or even desired? Something about this doesn't seem to click and maybe that's just me who's tired of an entertainment culture that keeps recycling IP instead of breaking new ground.

That guy - 2017-10-07

Saw it tonight, it was good.

That guy - 2017-10-07

What's up with the animation from 0:46 to 0:51?

It's motherfucking garbage.

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