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boner - 2018-01-23

Smelling like dog’s feet since 1952.

Simillion - 2018-01-24

So true. I think that is because dog food is so full of corn meal though. The corn oil goes out through their oily paws

cognitivedissonance - 2018-01-23

Laura Scudder’s success was based in making her employees take unsealed bags home and forcing them to iron the wax down to form the bags, unpaid, in their spare time. Employees had a quota of bags to make every night or they’d be fired.

Killer Joe - 2018-01-23

She did turn down a buyout offer that didn't guarantee the workers their jobs, taking one that was a fair bit smaller.
Not defending the bags garbage, just saying.

Boxhead - 2018-01-23

Jesus, this entire ad is the opposite of ASMR to me. From her disgusting chewing noises, to the crinkling of the bag, to the weird way she puts her fingers on her lips *every* potato chip.

These are the things that lead to a missing person's report 5 years into the marriage.

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