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jangbones - 2018-04-02

well, it starts subtle

by the end they might as well just written "John K is a total asshole" on the screen in block letters

Pillager - 2018-04-02

After John K left, the show became unwatchable.

cognitivedissonance - 2018-04-02

Bob Camp finally did get the last laugh.

BHWW - 2018-04-04

People were invited to contribute to the making of this episode, unload all of their feelings about John K. to it and so almost every small moment is a reference to something that happened or was said by Kricfalusi.

In the scene where the Reverend carefully builds sandwiches on top of Ren and Stimpy's heads, for example, that was based on an incident at a party where Bob Jaques, the animation director on several Ren & Stimpy cartoons and later ex-buddy of John K. had walked over to Kricfalusi and he had a big platter for the party and as a gag he put a piece of cheese or meat on John’s head and in response, John K. who was drunk started building a sandwich on top of his head.

The writers included many phrases Kricfalusi had been heard to say in real life, except devoid of context, turning them into non-sequiturs. Gorshin's delivery was supposed to sound more and more like John K. especially towards the end.

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