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Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2018-12-08

Is this whole show exactly like this scene? Like literally this scene over and over? If so I'll check it out!

casualcollapse - 2018-12-08

Yeah pretty much, varying degrees, and twists and turns, I fear I've given away too much by showcasing this bit, so try to forget you ever saw it. I DID NOT SAY THIS, I WAS NOT HERE.

Marlon Brawndo - 2018-12-08

The entire show has themes in every episode about philosophy. Which is amazing because they manage to make things like existentialism and Descartes and many other philosophers accessible to the general audience, and it's funny as hell on top of that.

It's my very favorite show. Janet is pretty much my favorite comedic character of all time now.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2018-12-08

HELL YES, you absolutely gave away too much! It should be some kind of a rule never to share clips from anywhere beyond season 1. There's actually a video on YouTube where you can see the reaction of the cast, as they learn how season 1 ends. It blew THEIR minds, too!

If you're going to watch The Good Place, you should start at the beginning, and the best place for that is Netflix. And you should watch the Good Place.

For me, it started out kind of slow, but the payoff is tremendous.

Anaxagoras - 2018-12-09

They "make philosophical ideas accessible" by grossly oversimplifying them to the point where I, the audience member, felt insulted. In the very first episode, the professor of ethics character summarizes one of Kant's using all of Kant's stupid buzzwords, then when he gets a blank look from the ditzy blonde, he then summarizes it incorrectly using short words.

The whole show feels like a pander-fest. Blech.

Also, Kristen Bell, although very pretty, is terrible.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2018-12-11

>>> In the very first episode, the professor of ethics character summarizes one of Kant's using all of Kant's stupid buzzwords, then when he gets a blank look from the ditzy blonde, he then summarizes it incorrectly using short words.

Sort of like you incorrectly summed up Kristen Bell's character as a "ditzy blonde".

I really started to notice Kristin Bell as an actor in the small role of Uda, the manager of Valhalla Catering, in PARTY DOWN. She played an abrasive character who had a moment of vulnerability, and it was the highlight of that episode. PARTY DOWN was a comedy that was more about irony than laughs, and this was a great moment for that.

It would be nice if the reference to Kant was accurate, but if I wanted to learn about Kant, I would probably read a book. Okay, I wouldn't really read a book, I'd probably go to wikipedia. I'm much less concerned about the accuracy of the literary reference than the relevance to the situation that is being discussed.

You're not exactly nitpicking. You're making a valid criticism, assuming that you're correct about Kant. I don't doubt you personally, but I sort of doubt the ability of Person X and Person Y to agree about a one sentence summary of the work of Philosopher X. But if they got it wrong, maybe it wouldn't be much harder to get it right.

Or maybe it would. If explaining Kant accurately would slow down the scene, I don''t think it's worth it. It's interesting that one of the characters is a philosophy professor, but I don't think he's there to teach us a course about philosophers. I think it does concern itself with philosophical ideas, especially ethics, and it does a pretty good job of that. I especially liked the way they illustrated The Trolley Problem.

>>>The whole show feels like a pander-fest. Blech.

I think you're wrong about Kristen Bell and her character, but you're probably right about the summary of Kant. I'm okay with that. As one of the majority who doesn't know anything Kant, I guess I'm the one being pandered to. I'm okay with that, too. I can see where maybe you wouldn't be.

Maggot Brain - 2018-12-08


RockBolt - 2018-12-08

Auto 5 for The Good Place

MurgatroidMendelbaum - 2018-12-08

Why does no-one ever point out how much he looks like Ted Danson?
I mean, if I died and met that guy, I'd immediately be like "Hey. You look like Ted Danson."

snothouse - 2018-12-08

Man, is Kristen Bell bad at delivery

Marlon Brawndo - 2018-12-08

Fork you.

Siebenstein - 2018-12-09

They blew it with the twist ending of season one, and by the look of things they didn't get back on track. Season two was already awful compared to season one.
I guess it's not a good idea to toss out your entire premise in one episode.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2018-12-09

So the second season didn't have any premise? Was it just a bunch of people improvising?

Siebenstein - 2018-12-09

No, but they changed it entirely, for the worse imo.

casualcollapse - 2018-12-09

I think it got back on track on season 3 though.. I mean what are they going to do keep rebooting? They had to move on from that in season 1

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2018-12-09

Yes, the premise changes... and before we discuss whether or not that works, I think we should show some respect for a program being willing to challenge themselves and their audience.

I haven't seen anything of season 3, because I never had Hulu, and now that I have it again, they're only showing the last five episodes, and I refuse to watch them out of order.

But I will say that I preferred season 2 to season 1. I'm not going to try to explain why, and I'm not going to argue that you're wrong for not liking it. But there it is.

And I will say that the first season finale has got to be the greatest twist since The Crying Game. It was actually spoiled for me, but I still admire and relish it. The whole season built up to it, and withholding that information longer than one season would have been a dirty trick.

Remember when Dexter's sister caught him in the act of murder, and the show went south? This is something that happens when TV shows change up the formula. Twin Peaks sort of went nowhere in the second season. My enjoyment of Community varied with each episode. If the Good Place isn't currently taking a dive for the shitter, it could happen at any time.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2018-12-09

But that's what happens when you take risks... and if you take risks over and over, it's probably going to happen sooner or later. When the average Tv show "jumps the shark", it's usually out of desperation, but there are some adventurous TV shows that are all about jumping the shark. They just keep taking the big risks from day one. It's often thrilling, but sooner or later, the shark generally wins.

Siebenstein - 2018-12-10

I felt cheated at the end of season one. Like it was no pleasant surprise. Season two felt like they were struggling to find a new premise and it felt to me like they didn't know where to go. I also haven't seen anything from season three.

If you like the show, that's great. I feel bad about shitting on the parade.

The only show I'm actively rooting against is AP Bio as it is shit and hinders the triumphant return of the golden god to Sunny.

casualcollapse - 2018-12-11

You and me both, I can't wait for the next season of it's always Sunny

Marlon Brawndo - 2018-12-11

I loved season 2. I think the entire thing is brilliant.

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