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The Mothership - 2019-02-19

Bill, Ted, Ed McMahon, Dracula, Babe Ruth; this cartoon has everything!

PLUS, plus: bonus Bogus Journey trailer in the ads!

tethercat - 2019-02-19

And this is just one episode.

Every episode is this wacky, this jam-packed, and this badly plotted.

It's sincerely amazing.

BiggerJ - 2019-02-19

I distinctively remember Little Richard meeting a young Mozart, whose careless banging on the keys inspired the invention of rock 'n roll.

casualcollapse - 2019-02-19

I believe this was on one of the video cassettes my grandma sent me while I lived in Saudi Arabia.

boner - 2019-02-19

I remember my mom being surprised when Carlin says "salty little buggers" in one of these episodes.

Marlon Brawndo - 2019-02-19

I just looked at the imdb entry for this cartoon and it had a recurring character named Mary Jane.

fedex - 2019-02-19

In a Bill & Ted cartoon?! I'm shocked I tell you, shocked...

The Mothership - 2019-02-20

Eddie Van Halen?!?!?!

Marlon Brawndo - 2019-02-21

Most excellent.

Nominal - 2019-11-11

Needs the "of course there's a cartoon" tag.

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