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Desc:REMEMBER.. you got to get up to get down.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Advertisements
Tags:Old People, Lifter
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Comment count is 8
casualcollapse - 2019-04-14
I don't want to grow old now
simon666 - 2019-04-14
Good tunes.
casualcollapse - 2019-04-14
Sure was a good popper

casualcollapse - 2019-04-14
I only half expected this to get out of the hopper
Gmork - 2019-04-14
that cleaner juice'll dilate your asshole real good if you huff it
casualcollapse - 2019-04-14
Oh I know baby..gimme the hole bottle 😉

exy - 2019-04-15
a decent comer downer
kingofthenothing - 2019-04-15
What a waste of money. They'll all end up in Florida anyway, either in a trailer, old folks concentration camp, or single story fuck shack in The Villages.
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