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Ugh - 2019-05-03

oh my god this is so hard to watch

i mean i knew i was in trouble when the panther was voiced but uh

think i'm gonna take a break and read about pol pot for a few

gravelstudios - 2019-05-03

uncle lube...uncle uranus.

Hailey2006 - 2019-05-03

So Kirk Douglas, Shatner, Biker, Tarzan/Conan, Superman, Ozzy cosplaying as Valhallen from Dexter’s Lab, and blonde John Wayne are the adopted guardians of Lil’ Miss panty shot. They should of given The Village People a cartoon back in the day and this wouldn’t have happened, kind of like Johnny Bravo happening because Vanilla Ice didn’t get a cartoon!

Spit Spingola - 2019-05-03

Was thinking the other day about how I miss some aspects of 90s cartoons and this one sort of has all the tropes good and bad. I didn't hate it?

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