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The Mothership - 2019-07-11

I've never wanted a LeBaron before this, and now I feel like I can't live without one.

casualcollapse - 2019-07-11


cognitivedissonance - 2019-07-11

Attention audience: tonight, Discovision will be portrayed by Inspector Gadget.

casualcollapse - 2019-07-11

Go go gadget turn me on ahead of time

Born in the RSR - 2019-07-11

Furniture carpeting!

Truly you guys were way ahead of us in terms of both technology and living standards.

Old_Zircon - 2019-07-11

7 whole minutes and that Zenith didn't catch on fire once. A miracle!

boner - 2019-07-11

Thank you, Zenith. Thenith.

betamaxed - 2019-07-11

Amazing. BTW, the channel this video came from has a lot more solid gold content.

kingofthenothing - 2019-07-13

why did I watch the whole thing? WHY?

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