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Nominal - 2019-12-08

The overwhelming majority of HITLER NAZI MEGAWEAPON mentions were either overblown, impractical, or just a distant sketch on a design board that would be infeasible for over a decade.

This was one of them. Space capable launches wouldn't be around until the late 50, and the first ICBM with a range over 3000 miles wouldn't be completed until 1959.

Even the MEGA WEAPONS that made it into production were overrated. Practical trumps spectacle. It's why the best tank of the war was the T34, not the King Tiger (and certainly not the Maus).

SolRo - 2019-12-08

Their crazy weapons that made it into production are more worthy of documenting - suicide jet bombs, hydrogen peroxide rocket planes, etc.

Seems that the late-war nazi craziness doesn’t get explored much because it actually takes some effort tracking down rare documents, while bullshitting about some random design idea for an hour is fairly simple.

BHWW - 2019-12-09

Reminded that Cities of the Underworld series on the History Channel that ran for a couple of seasons, they had an episode where they were talking about an old mine in Czechoslovakia that STILL has Hitler's doomsday machine hidden inside it that would BURROW INTO THE EARTH AND SET OFF!!

They even topped it off with an animated demonstration of the device. It was red and had a big swastika on it just to make sure you knew it was Nazi.

Like something Hellboy would show up to put a stop to.

duck&cover - 2019-12-08

I read that the manned rocket plane was unworkable, because the acceleration would have killed the pilot.

Nominal - 2019-12-09

There's about a hundred reasons why any of these were unworkable.

Maggot Brain - 2019-12-09

yeah, reason #1: It's too cool.

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