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gmol - 2020-04-13

? Uhh....this dude was up there at FB. Really odd to call him a 'bitcoin investor'.

decoy - 2020-04-13

That's the whole point. Yes he's of FB, yes he owns sports teams and is a CEO and poker champ and all sorts of things, but he's also one of Bitcoin's major proponents. He's been insisting for some time that BTC will reach $1 Mil. If there were no bailout, what do you think would happen to the value of BTC, currently languishing at -$7K?

Binro the Heretic - 2020-04-13

Fuck the companies. If they go under, people will start new ones.

Fuck the rich people. They have big piles of their own money.

Save the regular working people.

Look how terrified the talking head is of that simple concept.

SolRo - 2020-04-13

But isn’t it unethical to let a billionaire lose 50% of their wealth?? They might end up a dirty homeless millionaire!!!

Nominal - 2020-04-13


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