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jangbones - 2020-04-14

the defining characteristic of Trump votes is blame assignment

Born in the RSR - 2020-04-14

This just looks like the old soviet style markets we used to have over here, complete with the fresh meat from local abatoirs.

There are a few left but no one sources anything locally anymore they just buy small ammounts from big distributors.

Cena_mark - 2020-04-15

The USSR had huge farms to collectivization l, now the US is full of huge farms due to corporate farm monopolies.

SolRo - 2020-04-15

It’s like collectivism but all the benefit goes to a handful of rich assholes.

Simillion - 2020-04-14

Ehh, live fish. That is what made this a wet market. A wet market is defined by having live animals. These are usually fish, lobsters, etc. Have been all over the world wherever east asian cultures spread.

The wuhan market was hevaily cleaned and covered up. 27 of the first 40 ir so cases of covid19 had gone to the wuhan wet market. The footage from that market had live exotic animals.

He is right. To define a wet market as containing live animals, due to seafood being the most common live animal kept, means that wet markets all over the world have nothing to do with covid19.

However all this means is the term wet market is too broad for us to demonize it.

Exotic animal farming or wildlife farming, particularly of exotic mammal species, is very rare. Live animals in that category are super rare. You would never see it in Hong Kong today and in many parts of China or the world. Live seafood is it. Big deal. We don't share any/many viruses at all with seafood. Some bacterial infections, some liver flukes, etc. Cook the food and its taken care of.

Exotic mammal wet market. That doesn't have a ring to it. That's the problem.

Accidie - 2020-04-14

Don't be so eager to defend exotic animal markets.
I know the right wing is having a field day with this one but really stop and reflect on what you're doing.
This virus came from a wet market where they stack live animals in cages on top of one another and have various species in close proximity. And yes, that needs to be stopped.

SolRo - 2020-04-15

It's purely racist jingoism from the right wing to deflect blame from Dear Leader's total fuckup on the pandemic.

America has a fair share of its own wet markets

https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/anthropology-in-practice/ have-you-ever-been-to-a-live-poultry-market/

and though eating exotic animals isn't common here, the pet trade does a decent job of importing and stacking exotic animals close to each other.

Accidie - 2020-04-15

we can ban them here too you know.

SolRo - 2020-04-15

And the angry mob is asking for that? Or are they saying only the Chinese can spread disease?

teethsalad - 2020-04-15

buddy, you should see some of the cattle mcdonalds will buy and put in their supply chains. I've heard stories of them taking cattle with diseased, rotting eyesockets and all sorts of ailments from cattle auctions growing up. there are a whoooooole lot of people from both sides of the border willing to pump you full of crap to make a profit. just because the way things are structured in the west to keep you a million miles away from the kill floor of a packinghouse doesn't mean the chinese are some foreign species, innately cruel and barbaric, bent on our destruction.

I know of a butcher store where I can get alligator, rattlesnake, partridge, beaver, muskrat, and fucking rocky mountain oysters. there used to be one where you could get lion meat until they got busted. i knew plenty of people who would eat squirrel and roadkill growing up. if you care about food safety & would prefer humane treatment before they're killed - great! me too! but this is clearly, 1000% about "othering" the chinese for political gain

Simillion - 2020-04-15

I dunno. That food market was really fucked up. Like it was the most fucked up food market I have seen footage of. It isn't racist to point out the clearly dirty qualities of their food market. It is also appropriate to point out the shit that we process and eat. But maybe we had a little more space for our fucked up shit so it wasn't packed in such close proximity. It should be looked at here and abroad. But to pretend that nothing was wrong with that food market is swinging too far in the opposite direction.

SolRo - 2020-04-15

What was wrong with the food market in that video?

That everything wasn't individually packed in plastic?

Simillion - 2020-04-15

Not in this video. I am talking about the Wuhan market Solro.

Enjoy - 2020-04-15

SolRo why are you so eager to suck the tiny CCP cock? You earn no social credits here.

SolRo - 2020-04-15

Do you get Freedom Points with all your neocon trolling?

teethsalad - 2020-04-15

https://www.smithfieldfoods.com/press-room/company-news/smithfield -foods-to-close-sioux-falls-sd-plant-indefinitely-amid-covid-19

if you think every supply chain in the united states is squeaky clean think again - i'd be far more likely to believe these chicken littles suddenly squawking about food safety if they'd made a peep about industry standard practices over the past few decades. you would be shocked to find out the sorts of things that happen to your whole foods dinner before it gets to your plate out in the great flyover. your jaw would drop if you saw some of the conditions maintained by some producers in modern industrialized poultry & hog farming. nearly nobody says a word. this isn't about food safety. it's about finding a scapegoat. would i like to see the situation improve everywhere? sure!

and, to be honest, i'd be far more likely to eat anything out of that wet market than a old country buffet or a white castle

teethsalad - 2020-04-15

whoops, meant as reply to ^

Simillion - 2020-04-15

Point taken. But we don't farm bats or primates in the US. those types of animals have more genetic commonalities with us.

The one exception is pork. That is an interesting one. We share so much genetic material that porcine heart valves are a regular everyday thing. They can be used for other organ transplants as well. Jews and arabs are anti pork because it is "dirty." Probably because in their ancient history they learned that pigs can make you really sick. Swine flus have probably been around for eons. There is a solid argument against high density pig farming due to genetics and scientific evidence.

Evidently we need to be concerned about bats or pangolins possibly as well. Bats are farmed kept and sold in China. They aren't here in the US.

Yes chicken conditions are awful. Yes feedlots are awful. I hope my manufacturers are telling the truth when I pay extra for cage free or grass fed chicken or beef. If they are lying then we need more government oversight because we all know profit driven corps won't care.

I don't disagree with the points made by you guys. But they are points irrelevant to the science of which animals share viruses with us and which don't seem to. Now. Further points:

Cowpox and smallpox are related entities. Prion disease and mad cow disease are related. Yes, all this science can be overturned in a moment by a new emerging pathogen. This is what the science is saying now but we have missed things before and can miss them again. All meat eating is a risk. All livestock is a risk. But not everyone can become vegetarian overnight. It is a stepwise process. You won't win hearts and minds with an extremist attitide that is just opposite yo whatever Trump says. You need to be thorough.

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