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Scrimmjob - 2020-10-15

Loved these games as a kid, but looking back they are unbalanced as shit.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2020-10-15

I dunno. theres 0 micro, so its not a realistic assessment of the various units effectiveness. Also part of balancing an RTS is a rock paper scissors system of units that counter others. So some units in video may be up against their hard counters.

casualcollapse - 2020-10-15

Yeah, the command and conquer mobile game really showed how true that it is

Nominal - 2020-10-15

Even so, the original C&C was a master class in balance compared to Red Alert.

Red Alert was a master class in balance compared to Red Alert 2.

casualcollapse - 2020-10-19

My first foray into this type of game was dune 2.. pretty well balanced game but it's a pain in the ass to move your units around

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