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undecided - 2020-10-14

Needs Incredible Universe tag. This guy David Hoffman has some interesting documentaries he made from the 60s-90s on his channel, worth checking out.

Ugh - 2020-10-15

my dad bought a system with an intel p54c at 75mhz and a decent amount of ram

i think he went with a 20 year payment plan, pretty good deal for the company that sold it to him given how quickly it was outdated

boner - 2020-10-15

Before the Internet took over, only weirdos like me had a computer at home. :)

glasseye - 2020-10-15

A couple of years after this video my brother and I bought 10 base 2 (coax!) ethernet cards so we could play multiplayer games against one another in our adjacent bedrooms. Our dad's computer in the basement was the only one in the house with a modem.

OxygenThief - 2020-10-15

I love that the example video they use is Gorgo.

glasseye - 2020-10-15

I remember us spending an extra several hundred dollars to go from 4 MB of ram to 6 MB of ram on our 386 SX 25 in the early 90s (which had a 20 MB hard drive).

glasseye - 2020-10-15

(or maybe late 80s?)

boner - 2020-10-15

That’s plausible, I upgraded RAM for $60 per megabyte in 1993

Nominal - 2020-10-15

Don't even get me started how much you had to shell out for MMX inside!

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