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Desc:Ear-shattering hillbilly cackling from a bald, shirtless mongoloid.
Category:General Station
Tags:blog, Hillbilly, hick, rosie o donnell, videolog
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Comment count is 5
"You disabled my wife"? I demand backstory.

This is absolutely vile. This man needs to be put down. Oh you so crazy. I also want to know how his wife\cousin was disabled.
i like when he gets all psycho serious
Oh, my God. The laughter. It's like if The Joker had been the product of an unholy brother-sister union.
Not at all surprisingly, a good portion of his videos on YouTube are ridiculous rants about professional wrestling where, like so many other complete fucking idiots, he forgets it's a damn show and takes it all serious like it's a real thing.
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