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Hazelnut - 2020-12-21

It’s like a Simpson’s gag come to life

Born in the RSR - 2020-12-21

just the way the gas makes its way up the pipe and the houses start smiling.

Chicken the Did - 2020-12-21

5'd for an unpleasant phone conversation I overheard at a local Starbucks ten years ago.

Man was loudly talking about how he'd been sent out by a fracking company to Ohio. Bemoaned all those nasty 'regulations' but informed the other party there were of course ways to get around them all. He could get er done in short order.

It's not everyday I drink my caramel ribbon crunch frappacino next to a Captain Planet villain.

I would overhear the weirdest shit at that place when it was open.

pizzamerica - 2020-12-22


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