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Xenocide - 2021-01-10

Here come the Klanimaniacs!
Yes their love for Trump is maxed!

And if you don't join their side
they call that white genocide

They're Klanimaniacs!

Check out these Trump supporters
they're so sad and so forelorn

They can't handle losing, now their hearts are filled with scorn

They tried to murder congress
as Trump's era they mourn

But now that he can't Twitter
Trump wishes he wasn't born!

They're Klanimaniacs!

Biden won
so they attack

They're controlled by corrupt hacks
who hate gays and Jews and Blacks

They're Klanimaniacs!

Meet Trump and Moscow Mitch who thought they ruled the universe

When Rudy sees a teenage girl his thoughts get quite perverse

Brad Parscale had his Death Star

Mike Pence's life is cursed

And Trump still whines
"I won't resign!"

So let's impeach him first!

They're Klanimaniacs!

They won't leave this land intact!

They're zany to the max
and they act like they're on crack!

They're Klanimaney,
totally insaney

(There's a new Covid strainey!)

A racist throwback!

casualcollapse - 2021-01-10

For you obviously, and original credit goes to


And it is better when looped over and over.

Sivak - 2021-01-10

Only slightly ruined by the revelation that this lady actually had an onion in her towel that she was rubbing her eyes with.

Rosebeekee - 2021-01-11

To be fair, it was the style at the time.

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