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Violet Intents - 2021-02-23

That pot bit and rewatching episodes on a relatives Disney Plus account has made me realize so many funny and genuinely shocking bits were cut out of episodes for syndication after the first initial airing. I'm constantly suprised by scenes that seem entirely new to me but I must have saw them as a kid in the 90s growing up initially airing and now don't recall.

Gunny McRifleson - 2021-02-23

Same. I was wondering about the pot joke if I just didn't remember it or it sailed over my head as a kid. Never considered that they would be edited after the fact (except in extreme cases).

Violet Intents - 2021-02-23

I think I started realizing this during the B-Sharps episode, there's a few music pop culture references I know for a fact weren't in syndicated episodes. A lot of the cut jokes are again very funny but also I'm like "shit that actually aired once on tv during primetime!?".

Also going back to the vid at hand, great parody, though Barlow could be fatter :)

casualcollapse - 2021-02-23

So you're saying the Disney streaming episodes in their current form are uncut?

Violet Intents - 2021-02-23

Yeah, from what I've watched, I've seen clips that definitely weren't in the syndicated edits of the show. I haven't gone through the entirety of what's on Disney Plus, but so far in the many episodes I've watched over the last few months, that would appear to be the case.

Hegemony Cricket - 2021-02-24

If you ever want to check, here's a syndication cuts guide (last updated 2010 and apparently designed in 1998 and now I feel nostalgic for lens flares on banners):

simpsonsarchive com/episodes/scg html

The Mothership - 2021-02-24

I think people who vote are a bit 'fruity'. *Exit carl*

Yellow Lantern - 2021-02-25

"Well-selling book" is a good line

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