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duck&cover - 2021-05-22

1. Change all children to pumpkin heads.
2. ?
3. Profit.

Marlon Brawndo - 2021-05-23

Also...Lumberjack Jesus. For some reason.

BiggerJ - 2021-05-24

Hell, at least there's fantastical elements. A lot of Christian media avoids that sort of thing like the plague. It's a trademark of the company behind this, Agapeland.

xennui - 2021-05-26

We had Agapeland tapes growing up, yeah, weird little tales. Kind of a magical flashback, thanks! I can still remember the whole "Daniel the Grublet" album. It was a fun way to drill Jesus into our pliable little souls.


Also, got a fondness for the weird artwork in the liner-note/storybooks they came with. It was it's own kind of early 80's art style, similar in vibe to like Will Vinton's 'Mark Twain." Vibrant but kind of gnarly at the same time.

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