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SolRo - 2021-11-16

Next on QVC; “the most dangerous gay”

Cena_mark - 2021-11-16

Now just a danger to the bank accounts of old church ladies.

The Mothership - 2021-11-17

Serious question: where are the modern-day iconoclasts?

Cena_mark - 2021-11-17

I'm sure some exist in the fringes of Protestantism, but I think it's no longer seen as necessary as Protestants have long established identities separate from the Catholic Church.

exy - 2021-11-17

i dunno, but if you ask hobby lobby nicely, they might sell you an ill-gotten icon

Cena_mark - 2021-11-17

There are modern iconoclasts like the Taliban and Isis. The Taliban famously destroyed the Buddhas of Bamiyan. But with Protestants, iconoclasm was more of rebellion against the Catholic Church and they don't really need to fight the power against them anymore. No point in being an iconoclast in the age of industrialization.

casualcollapse - 2021-11-17

https://web.archive.org/web/20210825100949/https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=ej3Cze1L7zo

in response to a question posed on thar video

glasseye - 2021-11-17

The protestant church I grew up in definitely taught that statues, icons, etc could be idol-worship, but didn't take a hard line of it. We had at least one painting of white American jesus in the building.

cognitivedissonance - 2021-11-20

You're looking for the low church Anglican-derived subsects (Baptists, Quakers, Adventists) and Scandanavian Lutherans. I grew up Baptist and it was a huge debate to even put up a Nativity set.

exy - 2021-11-18

needs " dog seeking permisssion to lick own balls" support

casualcollapse - 2021-11-30

Dang no hits on YouTube for that, would have been funny though

I guess just imagining it will have to suffice. heh heh

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