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Desc:Come on, people! Why'd we wimp out after 2? This is what PoE is about! Also: BAD audio sync problems
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Video Games
Tags:Bobcat, bad animation, not sonic, bubsy, lame voice acting
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Caminante Nocturno
You know, I got my front page privileges taken away for doing what you're doing right now. And I was trying to avoid the creepy shit.
Mayberry Pancakes
This is awful, but these voice actors are actually really talented people forced into shit roles with presumably incompetent direction. I can say with confidence that all of them went on to fame and respectable careers.

But seriously this is unbearably terrible.
True enough. Bubsy is voiced by Rob Paulsen, who's been in almost every American cartoon made since the Smurfs. That purple mouse-rat-thing is Jim Cummings, a Disney staple and Paul Winchell's successor.

It's unfortunate that talent can't make up for horrible writing.

Jimmy Labatt
My GOD this sucks

Yeah I was thinking about submitting some more Bubsy after I did #2, but I just...I just...didn't have the strength
It's okay. You did more than enough to get the ball rolling, and there's no point in anyone trying to be a hero. I hear the guy who submitted these clips to ebaumsworld has to shit in a bag now. If there ever comes a worse cartoon than this, though, we might to do 1 part per person to avoid unnecessary losses.

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