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baleen - 2007-07-22

I really want bikers to beat the shit out of this guy. As much as I hate bikers. I hate this guy more.

Sudan no1 - 2007-07-22

Why is crazy biker so angry? It is a mystery.

Old_Zircon - 2007-07-23

Somehow I think that there was a lot of mutual antagonism leading up to this; at any rate, the "we're pagans, asshole" bit makes it pretty clear that the guy shooting the video had gone off at the biker for "being a Christian" at some point or other. This man sees "Christians" where Christians aren't. My guess is that the biker was loud and grubby, the athiest handled it in some kind of passive-agressive way (this is obviously not the first time he's videotaped the biker, either), and the biker snapped and started ranting.

Both parties come off as complete pricks, anyhow. Biker probably has more fun.

Maxville - 2007-07-25

The Pagans are a motorcycle club (gang).
They are not affiliated with fat, bearded wiccans in any way.


EvilHomer - 2007-07-22

I like the cut of this man's jib.

NineEleven - 2007-07-23

Pagans believe Hitler was God?

x - 2007-07-23

"Uh, uh, people, I mean, who's fighting, what for? Who's fighting, and what for? Why are we fighting? Why are we fighting? We don't want to fight. Come on!"

glasseye - 2007-07-28

Uh, I have to side with the atheist here. He didn't get belligerent and *throw rocks* at anyone like that drunken idiot biker.

Joseph Zamecki - 2007-08-13

Baleen and all,

Howdy. I registered here just so I could more fully explain my videos, especially this one.

Baleen, Sudan no1 and Old Zircon, we never got a clear answer from him or investigators as to exactly why he was so mad. We theorize it was because when I first saw him the first time he trespassed onto our building property there, I called the cops on him. That made him a little mad, but then he began coming back to our property again and again and again, to vandalize, threaten, and cause general terror. I called the cops again, and he got madder. It's like he expected us to take his "punishment" for calling the cops on him--without calling the cops on him again. We asked the prosecutors, investigators and judge why he was so angry, and oddly enough, they didn't give an answer. It's like they didn't care, they just wanted to punish him...whether anyone learned anything from all this or not. It was very frustrating for us law-abiding folks.

I never "went off" on him at all. I was under strict orders from my boss to not respond to him at all, and I didn't. You have to remember that he came to me, at my office, on my property dozens of times over about a year's time, to vandalize, threaten, and dump trash on our doorstep. I did not go to him. I was busy with a 50 hour work week as an office manager.

Yes, this wasn't the first time I had videotaped this guy. He had come onto our property so many times, I had cameras installed for security, and I set up individual cameras inside our building, in case he broke into the building. I'm glad I did too, because even though he didn't break in, he broke other things of ours, and vandalized quite a bit. I was also able to use those other videotapes against him in court, and that helped get a conviction against him for stalking. That part worked 100%.

He didn't "snap" when I videotaped him, he always acted like that. I just needed evidence to give to the police, since they had been repeatedly saying they and I could do nothing to this guy, since we had no evidence of a crime. So I got that evidence.

I thought it would be clear from the sights and sounds of this video that I did not want to fight. I'm a pacifist mostly. When someone attacks you at your office or in your home, if you care about yourself, you might stand your ground with the tools you have, and it won't always be necessary for you to physically fight. You also make sure to be prepared, as I did.

The only reason why I label this guy a Christian is because of the numerous things he said and did to indicate that he was a Christian. I never said he was devout or a representative of Christians or anyone else. Many people have mistaken the title of this video to mean "This is what all Christians do." That's simply not it.

Please don't take this as an attack on Christianity. If you want, check out the other videos in my series "When Christians Misbehave," and see that it's about them, and not me or my opinion.

Joe Zamecki,
Texas Atheist Activist

Keefu - 2008-06-27


yogarfield - 2014-10-29


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