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Sudan no1 - 2007-07-22


I don't know why baleen thinks the athiest is the bad guy in these videos. Explain please.

Sudan no1 - 2007-07-22

--I mean, of course the Athiest's a douche and thinks this guy's some sort of Xtian oppressor, but I don't know what he did to deserve the crazy guy's wrath.

baleen - 2007-07-22

He doesn't deserve his wrath, of course. When I read some of this atheist man's "gospel of atheism" comments, I was filled with extreme irritation, then I watched the videos and felt relief. So it kind of balances out.

I wonder if the guy is actually in the Pagans.

Old_Zircon - 2007-07-23

You can tell that this has been building up for a while from some of the stuff the biker's saying. We'll never know who was a dick first, but it's safe to say they had both been completely out of line for days or weeks before the shooting of this video.

Old_Zircon - 2007-07-23

Following the biker down the street with a camcorder and pepper sprayis not helping the athiest's case here, either. Athiest doesn't like biker, athiest harasses biker, biker snaps, athiest videotapes it and gets biker arrested and jailed. Athiest is bigger asshole.

Joseph Zamecki - 2007-08-13

Sudan no1---Negative. I didn't think this guy was some kind of Xian oppressor, and I didn't say so either. Where do you get that?

He was a psycho abuser and a menace to the neighborhood in the video. I was thanked several times by the police, investigators, prosecutors and even the judge, for my perseverance in pushing this case against him. He was convicted of three crimes and sentenced to state prison.

Now why is it that you think I'm a douche, and what did I do wrong? I know I didn't show myself in the video while he was there, but I didn't know he was going to take it that far. I would've put together a professional tv crew if I had known that the finished product would be so badly misunderstood by what are so far a handful of viewers among around 15,000 others who got it the first time.

By the way, it's "atheist," not "athiest." Peace

futurebot - 2007-07-22

Would somebody care please?

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-07-23

Really it's Douche Vs. Douche in these videos, which is why I'm giving this 5 whole stars.

Old_Zircon - 2007-07-23

"She fucks with her pants on" - best insult ever.

Joseph Zamecki - 2007-08-13


What is it that you think I did wrong? "Gospel of atheism"? I'm an activist, if that's what you mean. Does that mean to you that I deserved what this guy did in the video??

I believe one would have to own a motorcycle or at least have access to one, in order to be a member of an outlaw motorcycle gang like the Pagans.

baleen - 2007-09-05

Since you took this somewhat seriously, I will give you a serious reply. You don't deserve to be harassed by this man in any way. I was not genuinely endorsing any violence toward you nor was I genuinely happy that this man was doing what he was, and by all means he belongs in prison.

However, I have watched some of your videos and read some of your comments, and I do not believe that you represent atheism in a way that encourages intelligent dialogue or contributes to the discourse in any valuable way. In fact, I find your methods to be somewhat condescending and harmful to the reputation of atheists (such as myself). If you could picture in your mind a "stereotypical Christian," this individual would probably resemble Jimmy Swaggart, Ralph Reed, or some other unbearable person. You come across as representing, at least by your internet persona and the clip title "When Christians Misbehave," as a stereotypical, condescending atheist. The kind of atheist that I do not see myself as resembling.

You must grant me internet amnesty with my comments. Video clips are generally passed around here for our amusement.

Joseph Zamecki - 2007-08-13


Why did you call it "The Atheist and the Pagan"? Why didn't you just stick with what I called it? That seems dishonest.

I would say "Hey you should've been there!" but I'm a little nicer than that.

Of course, if you're a devout Christian, that might explain things...

Spastic Avenger - 2007-12-06

Wrong thing to end with. what Baleen probably means by 'condescending Atheist' is the stereotypical ironically evangelical atheist who proselytises with the same fervor as a baptist preacher. Baleen also didn't say that you 'were' this stereotype: he said you were acting like it, something I'd argue is very different.

Personally I think you are doing the right thing filming this kind of behaviour: it's a good record of the way an aggressor has been acting towards you. However, when placed in the context of your youtube page, the construction of meaning changes distinctly.

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