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revdrew - 2007-08-01

I have no idea what this game is about, but I now know it's the most important game ever created.

TeenerTot - 2007-08-01

I have no idea what they're selling, but an animated bear riding a tricycle in the sky deserves four stars.

The Mothership - 2019-04-09

Flee from the Lightning Deity, Tricycle Bear!

NeitherHerenorThere - 2007-08-01

From what I can get, this thing analyzes voices to tell you what people are feeling, and it suggests using it on people on the TV and your friends and family.

Five stars for the part where it goes "Get closer to his heart, get closer to his heart!" and zooms in on his crotch.

Spoonybard - 2007-08-01

Would that be useful to anyone without Asperger's syndrome?

Xiphias - 2007-08-01

No, spoons, you're right - it's only useful for Japanese people.

NineEleven - 2007-08-01

So the japanese have cocaine now too?

eatenmyeyes - 2007-08-01

Bears rock so hard they make acoustic guitars sound electric.

Old_Zircon - 2007-08-01

I kind of wish it were a lot longer.

Jeff Fries - 2007-08-01

If not for the spirit of social equality, this should be playing on a wall of TVs in a nightclub somewhere

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