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poopskin - 2007-08-25

am I the only one who actually enjoyed this whole film?

mr666 - 2007-08-25


voodoo_pork - 2007-08-25

It's not like I "hated" it but... yeah, I hated it.

NineEleven - 2007-08-25

I enjoyed this movie, but it gets top billing for pissing off comic book nerds to boot

theSnake - 2007-08-25


Angel Carver - 2007-08-25

Anyone play the video game version by Activision? That was a fun game.

anvill - 2007-08-25

Funny to watch the movie bend over backwards to show you that Hulk didn't really kill anybody. Chopper crash, "we're okay," another chopper crash, "we're okay."

TinManic - 2007-08-25

they guys in the first tank must have been killed.

anvill - 2007-08-25

You'd think, but then they have the reaction shot at -7:15.
Were the indestructible soldiers explained in a scene I missed?

yoyo1 - 2007-08-25

Some really great cinematography sequences, completelys poiled by stupid details like the soldiers not dying or the crappy CGI on the main protagonist.

Princess v2.1 - 2007-08-25

This was the good part? The hulk looks like the Jolly Green Giant.
I hate Hollywoods watered down/non-existant versions of comic book anti-heros. Just make a grey Hulk movie already goddamnit, starring David Duchovny as Banner and Russell Crow as the Hulk.

Afgh - 2007-08-25

Hulk was only grey for one issue and you are a stupidhead.

Princess v2.1 - 2007-08-26

If you remove your head from your rectum for a minute or so, you'll find the hulk was grey and had a drastic character change for a number of years in the 90s

snothouse - 2007-08-25

What a terrible good part.

takewithfood - 2007-08-26

I haven't seen the whole movie, but now I don't really have to. If anyone was expecting Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon-esque fight scenes... its THE HULK. He beat up tanks and jumped around a lot. I was satisfied.

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