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Category:News & Politics, Nature & Places
Tags:North Korea, Kim Jong Il, megalomania, revisionist history
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Comment count is 33
Is that the Lady Snowblood theme at the end?
Americans seem barely aware of how crazy Kim Jong Il is.
I think that's largely because he's so crazy the things he's done can't possibly be true and that North Korea is so secretive about so many things we hardly hear about them.

"he's so crazy the things he's done can't possibly be true" meaning rational people have a hard time believing someone so crazy is in fact so crazy, which he is

we SHOULD be more aware, considering that they hate us with burning passion

Rodents of Unusual Size
Good thing the media doesn't lie to the American people. Otherwise we'd be in trouble! 5 stars for theer crazy.
I don't remember the media ever telling me the birth of GWB resulted in the creations of new stars.

That's because the U.S. isn't animist; instead, we hear that the President speaks directly with God, whose hand chose him for the White House in the first place.

Not the same level of crazy, admittedly.

SCOTUS is god? Wow, ya learn something new every day.

PS. Who exactly did you "hear" this from?

The shrub himself claims to get commands from gods.

Equally loony, and even more dangerous, imo.

The judeo-christian god, that is.

I don't know what american history books you people have been reading but I don't remember any of them mentioning god.

Midnight Man
Totally man I hope one day Kim Jong Il liberates the American people so we stop getting fed these lies and can live in a glorious workers' paradise

Man, when I was born, all we got were two pigeons and a pothole in the street outside the hospital.
Again I say: if Kim ruled over a kingdom of robots and teddy bears (as opposed to oppressed, starving people), and had no involvement in the international weapon trade, he'd be the rave fave.
Peace, Love, Understanding, Respect... HE DOESN'T EVEN GET A SINGLE ONE?!

Gamara II
He also bowled a 300 his first time bowling, and got 5 holes in one his first time golfing, according to the DPRK media. http://www.worldtribune.com/worldtribune/WTARC/2004/ea_nkorea_06_1 6.html
he's security goons ran down the aisle and knocked those fucking pins over

the word you're looking for is "his"

This might sound crazy, but he's just playing off old Korean myths that aren't any stranger than a virgin birth or turning water into wine.
This is you: Hurf blurf Christianity is crazier than Kim Jong Il durf durf so edgy barf fart.

j lzrd / swift idiot
I hate to be the one to point this out, but you forgot the parts about how He shall rise again after death, cleanse all sins of those who hold Him in their heart, the part about how He's the Son of God, and how He was born under a new star.

Glorious Leader Kim, I mean. Jesus was just some bastard-son people wrote fiction about.

...Waaaait aaaa minute!!

Camonk, I said nothing of the sort, he's just using old Korean myths to aggrandize himself.

Again, no American president has ever claimed to have been born of a virgin or turned water into wine. You're comparing apples and retarded oranges.

America was a country formed out of the ideas of the Enlightment, while Korea is a few millenia old, they are completely different societies

Midnight Man

j lzrd / swift idiot
I have to side with The Bouncer on this one, but N. Korea is fucked in a number of ways. Roachbud could totally fuck K. Jong I. up, and kick his squinty ass right out.

I can't believe you managed to out douche Roachbud.

These stars are for you, Camonk!

rhythm rider
you fuckers are unbelievable. antichristian edge has turned into self parody, thanks to you fellas. comments should be fucking nuked.
La Loco
They don't tell you this in US text books but Jesus talks to the President through a magic telephone. The sound of his voice tastes like colors.
that is the best thing ever. im gonna tell my mom that when she declares that obama is the anti christ.

yeah but what's his ladder ranking on the starcraft servers?
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