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Desc:Richard Harrison and friends throw down in the inimitable Ho style.
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:ninjas, hong kong, godfrey ho, richard harrison, stupid ninja tricks
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Comment count is 9
I had a hard time choosing between "ninja headbands" and "synchronized cartwheels" in the tags.
Dr. Lobotomy
So they bring out the ninja swords, ninja knives, ninja stars, ninja mustache and ninja fire extinguishers(wtf?) BEFORE going to handy the ninja fragmentation grenades?

Have to love those movies, I think I remember one that had ninja lasers in it.
cartwheeling is clearly the most effective way to get anywhere
Caminante Nocturno
The fight scenes are awesome, but do you know what I love the most about these movies? The music. It's so cheap, yet so sincere.

Also, ninja headbands.
Ninjas are totally freaking awesome.
I love the sound effects in these movies, the sword clanging sounds like a bell from a boxing match.
Testicles of Doom
Clang clang ZWISH ZWISH clang ZWISH


Apparently to Ho a ninja was one of his stock kung fu actors in a mask and colored pajamas.
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