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Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:fox news, nbc, Brian Williams, Mr President
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Comment count is 13
Of course, if Williams had addressed Bush Sr. this way they wouldn't have complained. These people just like to pretend Clinton's presidency never happened and are very annoyed that the rest of the world won't play along.

Classy response, and shrewd of them to pick the lady who explicitly mentions Fox as their representative of people who don't know what they're talking about.
Kinda petty either way, but yeah it's always amusing to witness the "we need to respect out leaders...when they're the ones WE voted for" mentality.

Aubrey McFate
Just what I'd expect from a man whose chin leans to the left.
Brian, you are just wasting your time with anyone who refers to FOX News as the "real news". Or even thinks of them as news at all.
"Uneducated FOX viewer" is a redundant term.
Not true... some of them are hateful and racist, but well educated.

Slightly OT but I've found that education tends to reinforce existing opinions, not change them. You tend to take what you want from it. Good observation, dr rock.

Here I was hoping there was twist at the end. He was all polite and professional and then "...I hate to inform these viewers, but...FUUUUCK YOUUUUU"
Rodents of Unusual Size
Boo ya.
They get to cherry pick the mail how they see fit, making this kinda petty.
Fine, but two things:

1. Tell me that it wasn't actually predominantly Freeper-type comments they were getting anyway and a good chunk of them probably made the Fox News line.

2. Tell me the majority of these comments weren't at least as batshit, and many far, far more. (With a certain percentage of trolls probably mixed in.)

I can agree with the Fuck Fox News sentiment anyway.

You think they should have addressed the moderate "bush sux, news is good, OMG BRAIN WILAMS IS CUTE" comments instead?

Yep, we have lots of uneducated people here in PA in that vast stretch between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. That's not to say there are no uneducated people in those two cities.
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