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Desc:chadwarden proves he is not a scrub
Category:Humor, Video Games
Tags:For The Haters Week, pstriple, chadwarden, ballin, escalade
Submitted:Sudan no1
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Comment count is 18
Princess v2.1
six hunded dollas ain't shit to chad daddy
Thatcher Pennywhistle
When you're right, you're right.
Chadwarden be runnin' the block in his uppah middle clizzass 'hood nigga. Fo' real.
I'm waiting for mom to step in and spank him for driving her car without permission, tossing her hard earned cash on the floor and throwing the word n***a around so many times that NWA would blush.
Shyiat Nigggazz I be rollins in da benjaminzz biotch!! And stereotypezzz mofo!
I want to believe this is an elaborate hoax, but nobody smart enough to perpetrate this would risk throwing around the N word on Youtube like that would they?
Yeah, I mean, you'd get all kinds of angry comments and video responses... Why would he want those?

Well, it's still up. Maybe the N word's not against the TOS or none of his haters are smart enough to complain him. Besides, it's not like a white guy's saying it. That would clearly make a difference.

Billy Buttsex
Hey-- he's not white! You can't get in trouble for acting like an asshole if you're not white. This is AMERICA.

Frank Rizzo
I like this guy, even if it isnt his money or isnt his car he shut who ever he was "beefin wit".

shit! shit!.... I aint even pickin that up...
aight nigga.
this guy doesn't believe chadwrden:

Frank Rizzo
Billy Buttsex
Nice money... too bad you're retarded.
This proves that this kid:

(a) Has a scanner
(b) Has a printer
(c) Knows how to drive his mom's car
Spastic Avenger
I appreciate his knowingly dumb impression.
at least, I think it was knowingly dumb.
Can anybody be this inept?
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