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Desc:Back when Fox News allowed people that really disagreed with them.
Category:News & Politics, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Propoganda, fox news, Iraq War, on air fight, UN inspections
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 27
"One of the worst chapters in american history"

20/20 hindsight my ass, only idiots thought iraq was a good idea in any way.
Oh, Brown Haired Guy That's Not Steve Doocy.

"Did Dick Cheney leave talking points on my voicemail in the morning?"

I used to have a little boy-crush on Janeane Garafalo, and this kind of reminds me why.
totally. dude. totally.


well those guys must regret this interview a little bit...
Of course they don't -- they have been proven right that Janeane Garofalo's HATRED OF AMERICA has killed thousands of U.S. troops. It's only a miracle that more of them haven't been killed by the WsMD that Hussein smuggled into Syria without any of the inspectors knowing about it.


Yeah I recall the Republicans embracing the Syria conspiracy, only to have Rice herself say that it probably didn't happen. I have a hard time believing that Hussein would call up his friend and say "Could you keep this anthrax warm for me until Hans Blix leaves?"

She is smart.
Also, wasn't it recently revealed that Saddam admitted he had no WMDs--he just made it up to scare Iran?

Billy Buttsex
I usually make fun of liberal celebrity women, but JESUS... what wit. That part at the end where she asks them why they didn't book someone else had me going "OOOOOOOOH" like a black lady. Janeane Garofalo for president, mostly because Fox News must still be grabbing their asses in pain from this verbal raping.

That guy is such an asshole.
Frank Rizzo
back when janine garafalow (or whatever) was still semi attractive.

shes perma-ugly now
Women AGE?! How dare they!
Don't they understand they have to stay beautiful for you?

Frank Rizzo
so when women age they grow ugly ass tattooes and stop eating?

dumbass is you

"Oh why do Liberals eat children? Why do they hate Freedom so?"

Midnight Man
And, um, how has the war gone well?


since he 5-starred, I'm betting that he pointed to it as another example as what was in the video: right-wing idiocy + time = a whole lot of funny.

Aubrey McFate
I never thought Doocy could ever look personable, but compared to that guy he's the nicest man on earth.
Youtube comments are fun:

No you are the simpleton. You don't have a clue as how goverment works best. You need to stop standing with your hand out and get a life. Hey idiot we have been safe since 9-11 and you want to put us in a position of weakness. Just like if I bitch smacked you in the mouth and you did nothing where if you tried that with me I would beat you half to death a strong policy works better.You care for me to show you ?
Rodents of Unusual Size
America: bitch slapping the world by one yokel at a time

I always cringe when a liberal celebrity throws down something weak like "we should have cooperated with the International Community to get Saddam out of power."
yah i have to agree with you. also minus stars because i saw her and salmon rushdie on real time with bill maher, and she didn't let rushdie get a word in. one would think if you were sitting next to one of the best intellects of our time you might just shut the fuck up and listen a bit.


oops :(

I know a guy named Salman, he HATES it when people do that.

Daughters of Uzbek
I do not think she is a funny lady but she really did well here. It's a fine line with combative hosts, between an overly timid reaction and politeness and inarticulate rage. Would that we could all walk it so steadily.
She did great work overcoming the dude's rhetoric, but most impressive was that she wouldn't back down and just talked over him.
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