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Desc:Barack Obama + Daler Mehndi = This
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:music video, Bollywood, indian, obama, Barack
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Comment count is 20
Jaguar Wong
More political ads should be like this.
doc duodenum
not as bad as helicopter cats thinks.
helicopter cats
Well, it's not funny, almost totally pointless and vaguely racist. FIVE STARS!

has brown people in it = racist

helicopter cats
I just got a weird Obama=foreigner vibe from it. I still don't get the point of this.

The point of this is that it's perfect and wonderful.

osho smiles

Holy White Guilt, batman!

Menudo con queso
Vaguely racist? I don't see it. Enlighten pls.

It's a little more Shahrukh Khan or Hariharan than Dahler Mehndi. That is, if wanted to be a pedantic twit about it.
There is a pretty ambitious "whisper campaign" out there designed to associate Obama with Islam. These include references to his middle name (Hussein), rumors he attended a madrassa, and a flat-out lie that he is a practicing muslim.

While it is easy to counter that this video associates Obama with predominately Hindu India and not Islam, I'm afraid the target audience for the whisper campaign could see this video will laugh and say "Look honey, they dressed up Ubomba as a raghead".

Not as funny as the Hitler/Biggie one
controversy is the lifeblood of true art

also i sure hope the next time i see obama's mouth open it's full of dancing indian girls

Rodents of Unusual Size
Whatever this is, it's
Rodents makes a good point.

"See how evil obama is, he eats women"!
He's got my vote.
Herr Matthias
five just for prabhu deva
sneaky sneaky, tonight we make love to the white girl
Caminante Nocturno
This should not make you anything other than happy.
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