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Stopheles - 2007-12-21

I had to edit the title just now because I was certain that the store's name was "Zayre's." Come to think of it, everyone I knew also called Caldor "Caldor's"...

Hakujinjoe - 2007-12-22

even though i see the sign in the video I'm still not convinced it's not called Zayre's. The same for Caldor's.

DrVital - 2007-12-21

Today we call these "Fan Vids"

Yellow Lantern - 2007-12-21

I am seriously impressed by the accuracy of this parody/homage. They got a lot of little things right, from their cadence to Robin's little palm-punch in the Batmobile.

DiscreteComponents - 2007-12-21

These days, nearly all television commercials suffer from a severe lack of Batman.

Hummana Hummana Hummana - 2007-12-21

Oh man...Zayres. That brings back memories.

fluffy - 2007-12-21

Can't Bruce Wayne afford to hire people to shop for him?

KnowFuture - 2007-12-22

So they check to see if you're a good citizen and if you're not they don't let you buy anything?

yoyo1 - 2007-12-28

This batman is in too good shape to be honest

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