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Desc:Sometimes, horses just act like animals.
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:Horse drawn carrage, wedding photo
Submitted:Jimmy The Headless Frog Boy
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Comment count is 13
That guy should get kicked in the dick....
I can't believe I just saw a grown man kick a horse in the dick.

Needs a "cockblocking" tag...
5 stars for the act of hitting the horse witht he riding crop, turning it into a kink video.

5 stars for the German, thus adding to the kink.

5 stars for the guy repeatedly kicking the horse in the privates like it was going to do something.

5 stars for the heavy breathing of the camera man at the end.
Bad penis, bad penis, bad, bad ... go to your room.
It's not German, it's a slavic language, I think Czech or Polish.
Sounds Russian to me. Horse dick kicking also sounds very Russian to me


This is probably a good omen for their marriage though. I love that the bystander guy in the sweatpants tried to offer a helping hand.
Has Falling Down taught horses nothing? Don't mess with the shortsleeves.
Doctor Arcane
Maybe if the let the horse bust a nut occasionally he'd behave better.
Yeah, I'll sure hire these clowns for a wedding. If you can't keep a stallion under control, don't own one.
I thought this was going to be one of those "eewww, the horse farted" videos.
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