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Caminante Nocturno - 2008-02-07

That security guard chose to pose with his gun rather than fire it, which leads me to believe he was actually a male stripper who got too into his role.

RomancingTrain - 2008-02-07

Also, the teller is oblivious to the whole affair.

Adramelech - 2008-02-07

I really don't think they were there for the money.

snothouse - 2008-02-07

Please go to hopkinsfbi.com and look at the screenshots.
Sierra gameplay, but with boobies! And no cohesive art direction!

Xenocide - 2008-02-07

This game was "drawn by cartoon specialists according to the rule book!"

FABIO2 - 2008-02-07

Holy shit. Follow the walkthrough until you get to the cabin in the woods.

FABIO2 - 2008-02-07

Double holy shit. The makers really got off on drawing women's corpses.

kingarthur - 2008-02-07

So, if I'm to understand this correctly: you die, meet a bunch of other dead people and deities, cross dress, and then teleport via phone back to the point in time where you died all while accepting or denying offers of peanuts? How could this not be so bad its awesome?

RockBolt - 2008-02-07

That gun has some recoil issues

garcet71283 - 2008-02-07

The developers have an agent!

Michael Hawash Tel: (713) 523-1101

If it is still connected...I smell ventillo-style harrasment.

Xenocide - 2008-02-07

Bullets are shot! Into people!

sosage - 2008-02-07

Sad Fun Fact LJ: I had to play through an early version of this game to help a company decide if it was worth snagging a publishing deal. In my version there's a weird scene involving a chick with obviously huge knockers getting her throat slit. I think the animators wank to Ogrish. Also...IIRC...this is the product of a bunch of Germans.

Merzbau - 2008-02-07

According to the article that pointed me to this game, the giant-bazongas-throat-slit-woman is in the released game. This is just an (un?)fortunately truncated clip.

Sudan no1 - 2008-02-07

I'm surprised the uploader didn't include the giant-tit throat slit, considering the other videos on his channel.

Fucking germans. First those Phoenix Games abominations, now this.

klingerbgoode - 2008-02-09

french, according to the website

FABIO2 - 2008-02-07

So anime is on par then with the very worst American video games. Good to know.

themilkshark - 2008-02-07

horrible animation.

klingerbgoode - 2008-02-09

wait what, from the animation and art style i figured this was aimed at children! that sure is a lot of blood.

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