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Desc:Raccoon steals from a cat. Nuff said.
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:cats, pets, animals, raccoons
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Comment count is 18
I love how the cat looks at the camera like "FUCKING DO SOMETHING!"
Nocturnal wild animals walking around during the day is something you should be worried about, and for fuck's sake don't let it near your pet while you sit there hoping it'll get on America's Funniest Home videos.
He's like that guy who doesn't order anything when the waitress is there but then eats all your fries. Dick.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
You mean a girlfriend?

Hey, cat can't keep it, cat don't deserve it. That animal's starving to be out at that hour.
Not starving, dude. Rabid.

That cat is a fucking pussy for not delivering the mayhem he's supposed to be able to.

The owner is a dick too.
Syd Midnight
It could kill the cat, plus it has HANDS. That level of problem falls under the authority of humans.

Duuude, stop it! Buut... but this is my foo- hey, quuit it

Don't worry, it's not like rabies is a big deal or anything. 5 Stars for cat torment.
Steaming is the natural way.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Now I know a bit more about rabies - also, that douche needs to get his cat indoors and call animal control.
I don't know, the rabid animals I've seen act, you know, RABID. This guy's just living in the suburbs where he has very few natural enemies left and doesn't have to gibe a shit. Raccons are probably really overpopulated there.

I'll bet the guy "tamed" the raccoon (idiot), so what we're seeing is just two pets eating from the same food dish.

Not all animals get violent when they have rabies. Cats just act really tired and wander off to die. Maybe raccoons act like this.

I still think he's just hungry, though, probably.

fuck the animals, look at the guys back yard. he's got a huge deck and a nice lawn leading to a private pond. yet i live in a dump!
This happened to my cat a few times.
Until I busted out the BB gun and popped a few raccoons in the ass. It won't kill them, but it sure lets them know that my porch is OFF LIMITS.
There are at least three species not working right in this video.
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