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Desc:The double flying elbows, but I call it the flying elbows, because it's shorter
Category:Stunts, Sports
Tags:assault with a deadly weapon, flying elbows, bowl cut
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Comment count is 18
"I'm trying to not wake my parents up."
this guy just wants to be the next big thing
Too long and kinda boring, but the remark about what the "12th degree black belt" said + falling on his face = 4 stars.

Caminante Nocturno
Maybe you should stop skipping dinner to make Youtube videos.
I can't see how anybody canactually watch the "Twelfth Degree black belt" portion and still not give this five stars.

2 minutes of talking about how awesome the move is, then two minutes of explanations on why it actually doesn't look awesome at all. Smells like high school to me.
When fighting in real life situations, its important to fight just like Sagat from Street Fighter 2 Turbo Hyper Fighting...
Surely fake, but funny.
King of Balls
He takes himself out with his own move. All or nothing, indeed!
With this information out in public, no one is safe. Also, what type of accent is that?
Wisconsin.... so very, very Wisconsin.

also, the best fighting moves start be exposing your entire back to your opponent.... (and then punching yourself in the face)

Yeah, and almost definitely Milwaukee. He's probably doing an amazing impression of somebody in his high school.

Gosh, it's like he's seen Napoleon Dynamite or something.
The video is pretty funny, but with folks like Chrono and those Yellow Bamboo clowns running around, staged martial arts nerd comedy just doesn't measure up.
For my own sanity, I have to believe this is a put-on, but it charms me nonetheless.
looks like a great way to give yourself a compound fracture
I dub this move the chicken wing.
I expected more from the son of Brock Sampson.
Samson! You ignorant bastard!
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