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Category:Humor, Video Games
Tags:korea, starcraft
Submitted:Cinnamon Imperialist
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Comment count is 34
Jeff Fries
Whoa was that lady crying?
Frank Rizzo
Ive always wanted to know what an asian imitating an english voice would sound like.

and I was pleased.
Four stars, but I promise an automatic five stars to anyone who edits the Def Comedy Jam audience into this.
Oooh! Also: YouTube's number one related video is "Frank Calliendo - Hilarious Impressions!" That's way meta.
Caminante Nocturno
The best part about this is the fact that the guy is doing impressions of units in a PC RTS game and a crowd of hundreds, including middle aged women, are laughing and being impressed with his accuracy.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
Really, I think we all underestimate the sheer ubiquity of Starcraft in the South Korean market until actually meeting someone from South Korea. It's worse than fucking Pokemon.

-1 for no additional pylons.

Doctor Arcane
Yeah that's just disturbing. I mean American kids these days don't even know what Starcraft is *shake cane*

Cinnamon Imperialist
Starcraft is still so popular in Korea there's actually a book that teaches you English using Starcraft's unit names.

I went to school with a bunch of Korean kids, and every so often they'd introduce me to the latest Starcraft-themed Korean rap song tearing up the Korean charts. I remember one of them featured the line "My love is like a Zergling rush, fast and hard". The Terran and 'Toss fans among us used to joke that the line should be "premature and unsatisfying".

Starcraft is heroin for those people.

I like my women the way I like my zerglings. Fast, cheap and in pairs.

5 nerd points right here

Koreans love Starcraft
Holy shit. Wiki says "As of May 21, 2007, StarCraft has sold 9.5 million copies worldwide, with 4.5 million of those copies being sold in South Korea"

Wow. When a comedian can do impressions of a PC video game on a television program AND GET APPLAUSE FOR IT, you know there's something wrong.

South Korea has about 50,000,000 people. That must mean that over 90% of the Korean population engages in computer piracy.

you don't see American comedians riffing on --insert wildly popular videogame here-- though, do you? Nevertheless, funny stuff

The Korean post doc in my lab is Korean and he does not even know what Starcraft is because he "does not play videogames".

I just don't know what to believe anymore.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
Then he's probably a North Korean spy. You've blown his cover. You know your patriotic duty now.

Starcraft Unit Naming becomes the 'Who won the World Series' testing method on the Korean Peninsula in the 21st century.

Or, more likely, dude is a fucking liar. It's like when a guy laughs and says, No I don't like porn, I think it's just ridiculous, I mean it's even kind of funny...

That Korean dude loves Starcraft like it's his wife.

The Korean guy in your lab is Korean?

Yellow Lantern
See, PROTOSS units walk like THIS...

But ZERG units walk like THIS!

Korea's obsession with starcraft is one of the weirdest fucking things.
Holy fuck, they should hire this guy for the sequel.
Those aren't even good impressions =\
Aubrey McFate
=\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\ =\

Rodents of Unusual Size
I've never heard of Starcraft but I know a comedic prodigy when I see one. STRCRFTA
j lzrd / swift idiot
Good fucking lord. Let the game DIE, Korea! You're like a country filled by people who are still playing HL1 deathmatch!
I went into a Korean internet cafe the other day. Lot of people playing starcraft in there. And two chain-smoking old ladies sat either side of me playing what looked like Denki Blocks. True story.
Doctor Arcane
I'm pretty sure North Korea is going to pick the release date of Starcraft 2 to invade the south.
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