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Desc:best boardgame for nerds ever
Category:Advertisements, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Orson Welles, Milton Bradley, Dark Tower, boardgame
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Honest Abe
hell yes
I wish it had come with an animatronic Orson Welles head that narrated the entire gaming experience.
"...find three keys, lay siege to the tower and defeat the enemy within...who wrote this? This is grammatically correct but it doesn't sound good to the ear. You want me to emphasize to the?!? That's like emphasizing in during in july..."
Orson is shooting the evil eye.
Ahhhhhh, the . . . French . . .
Oh, Orson.
No one sold out quite like good ol' Orson
Caminante Nocturno
The outtakes from this commercial.

I know they exist.

Where are they?
What is the last sentence? And I was the Taurus? I was for tourists? I was victorious?
Impossible! Meaningless!

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