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Desc:I just like seeing people scared!
Category:General Station
Tags:dragon, harry potter, hungarian horntails
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Comment count is 11
The kid has stage presence.
sounds like half japanese
Good call.

I am a kid who didn't write many wo-ords, I don't understand how to play guitar cho-ords.

Is this what it takes to get applause from hausfrauen anymore?

This...is not possible. Actually. No way. No. Just no. You sick fucks.
I'm torn between five and one.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Wow. 4 stars because this kid is in for a buttload of awkward someday.
The only excuse for this is that it's kids doing it.

Raoul Duke 138
My old band mates had hit the big-time.
Maybe it was true when they said that I was only holding them back.
It didn't matter that I was the one who started the band. It didn't matter that it used to be about the friendship. The music. The Dragons.
When we stepped out onto the rickety stages in those cinder-block bars, we felt like rock gods. Who cares that the audience was just the same six moms who followed us from show to show. They were our fans, and we played our souls out for them.
I was on top of the world. Then one day I woke up and saw that my world had crumbled while I wasn't looking.
Maybe it was the junk that did me in. Maybe it was middle-school.

Beyond awful, that kid is going to regret this video for the rest of his life!
Syd Midnight
Actually, there is very little you can do on stage that you won't relish later in life. Keep this in mind if you have friends, musical instruments, and a local venue with an "open mic" night.

I formed a band ("Dump") one evening, and we were the only band to ever get ejected from stage to parking lot, and have our musician's IDs confiscated at Flash's in Cleveland (RIP), a venue that hosted Slayer, Manowar, White Zombie, and Iron Maiden. Dump was the worst band to ever took the stage there, the crowd loved us but the manager not so much.

Good times. But we were all 16-22 so our songs were about how much we hated cops. This kid is the right age to be coached into rattling off Harry Potter parodies. I smell parental influence. Lets give him 4 years and see if he's still getting on stage and rattling off bullshit for a laugh.

burning voldemort's butt? He...

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