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Desc:This is the best man in the world. We can all stop looking now.
Category:Arts, General Station
Tags:asian, piano, Barber, Also his balls are huge, Adagio for Strings
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Comment count is 12
Honest Abe
it's not handel, it's samuel barber

the chaps are a nice touch
Shit, I knew that. Really.

yeah, but he won't like you unless you're an animated school girl :P
: P:P : :P :P :P :P :P :P: P:P:P:P::P:::PPP :P :P :P :P:P :::::PP:

Babies Ate My Dingo
Watch closely. His eyebrows desperately want to accompany his hands.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Thanks, giant asian dude who plays piano; because you had to go and vibrate the air, I ended up weeping at beauty!

Also His Balls Are Huge.
He's supposed to pick up the piano at the end.
"Too much rubato... Lugansky would have done this better."

Thats my youtube comment impersonation kthnx.
Maggot Brain
Him and the Carry On My Wayward Son girl should form a band.
why? because their asian? what next? are you going to talk about how his penis is probably small and that he's a bad driver? or that he forget about art and take up engineering or something math related? you sir are a racist!

Maggot Brain
..............god damn it.

a flaming monkey
steroids enhance piano playing?!? I'm on board!
PS Love the bandana
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