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Desc:Sacrilege or merely acknowledging the blood on all our hands? Either way, I'd play this.
Category:Religious, Video Games
Tags:Wii, Passion of the Christ, blasphemy, deicide
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Comment count is 11
Man Who Fights Like Woman
Well, now I want to buy one.
Billy Buttsex
needs a "blasphemy" tag
"hurt billy's pussy" tag as well

Caminante Nocturno
I agree, it does.

Yeah, you're a baby.

To be fair, the Bible provided the plot and Mel Gibson provided most of the footage

That's the kind of motion controls I can get behind!
Mad Struggle
Indeed. I might actually buy a Wii.

Monchiles Monchiles
I would have given it five stars if points had popped up on the screen when they'd done stuff.
Five starring this just because it made Billy cry.
Big Muddy
Made me think of Clockwork Orange. Rated M for violence and salacious grape eating.
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