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Desc:Jokk reaches out to the huge quicksand-fetishist demo
Category:Horror, Advertisements
Tags:Sinking, misogyny, SFW Fetish Week, quicksand
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Comment count is 4

I wish it showed her sinking a little more. yeah. then maybe if she got out a little and sank some more. yeah. then maybe if it showed her covered in the mud. yeah or maybe if she died slowly. mud entering her lungs. fuck.

I want to know who thought this up and who thought OK, this is the advertisement we want to represent us. I would like to meet these people, and look them in the eye and see if their souls were black, curdled things.
Jokk, made of berries from far far away!

that's a hell of a slogan.
Jokk is an overpriced piece of shit brand but this is lovely. Also: Hjälp!
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