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Desc:If it ticks off the minutemen, how bad can it be?
Category:News & Politics, Video Games
Tags:video game, anger, illegal alien, feds
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Comment count is 12
the game is too buggy to play. guess they shouldn't have used cheap, non-union, mexican progammers. :)
Jeff Fries
Patches? We don need no stinking patches.

5 stars for epic troll.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Will someone PLEASE think of the children! As long they aren't immigrants.
I wonder if the "Drive to your job at a fast food restaurant in a car full of your extended family" level is any fun.

it's becoming a hit with teens! they are changing their named to Lopez and Sanchez and oh my god the rape, the endless rape!
Billy Buttsex
If it's being marketed to teachers, you can guarantee that it's evil. If it's anti-white, pro-homosexual, anti-Christian, or anti-American, the best place to distribute it is at a high school or college campus. Doesn't surprise me one bit.
Its also funny how to you all those mean the same thing. Also a complete lack of shock at a general disdain for education.

Caminante Nocturno
Inputing the Konami Code turns your character into a Canadian who is immune to all U.S. immigration laws.
funny that due process = immunity :)

I can do virtual paperwork? Play through the dilemma over whether to report a crime? Experience the appeals system? Who needs Fallout with a game like this?!?
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