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Desc:Great fight scene from the horrible movie, 'Who Am I?'
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:martial arts, Jackie Chan, 30 seconds, who am I
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Comment count is 16
I like these guys, they enjoy their work. That's so important.

Killer Joe
A wholly accurate description of this clip.
Syd Midnight
I wasn't expecting much, but that's some quality Badassery right there. I like how Jacky Chan isn't superhuman on the surface.. he gets his ass kicked a lot, and has to EARN his wins. He is a very likable superhero.. his attitude is usually "Oh shit!"
This was indeed a horrible movie, but this scene along with its ending stunt, made up for the price of the rental.
Kick ass.
well I would start by ripping that giant gay earring out of number one's ear
They did too good a job of setting those guys up and establishing how bad ass they were. By the end, Jackie Chan beating them was unrealistic.
Caminante Nocturno
If a jackie Chan film impresses you with its stunts, then it's a good Jackie Chan film.
In one of those "behind the scenes makings of", Jackie hated that French dude and kept yelling about how slow he was. I thought a lot of his choreography looked great, but then you can see at the end, there's a body double for him getting punched the last time.
Ah, "the disk" is really the computer's greatest contribution to action movies.
Wait a minute-- do you know where it is?! Give it to me!

fifth star for the white guy taking off his tie
Yeah. Jackie Chan always does great stunt work and great, funny choreography.

Yes, just watch this scene and the bloopers at the end.
Harold Manchester
I don't know how he can do all those fancy moves with those humongous balls of his.
6 stars for jumping down the building. -1 for calling Who Am I a horrible movie.
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