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Desc:Is this a fetish video?
Category:Horror, Video Games
Tags:girl, farting, gross, SFW Fetish Week
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Comment count is 16
There's a fetish for girls who play videogames and fart? Is this like training wheels for turning gay?
Syd Midnight
Even if I somehow had this fetish, this would be sickly fake. It's niot hard tio please fetishists.. I wish I could find dumpy loner guy
fetishist with a lot of money.

It is a hoot when you only listen to the audio.

I will give this five stars after the "dumpy girls with persuasive boyfriends" tag is added.
Really, she's not dumpy.

i've seen this girl before. usually she's playing videogames while farting in a guy's open mouth, but youtube removed those.
a fat, balding guy

Jesus. At first I was all like "ooh, a butterface...I'd hit it". She does have a nice bod. Her vulgarity, the enthusiasm with which she farts, and imagining the smell in the room; these things combined to fill me with disgust. I would say that I feel sorry for her boyfriend, but he probably likes chilling in the miasma. Definitely evil enough.
Anyone know what game that is?
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Looks like one of those free (shitty) browser based games. Runescape?

If you want a picture of the internet, imagine a reasonably average girl farting on a video game - forever.
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
is she actually playing and/or actually farting? it just seems like some ugly bad actor watching a video while someone off screen pushes a fart button.

Thats Original Asheron's Call.. probably has a good character too to be fighting those monsters and not paying attention.
The farts are definitely fake. The reverberation she is getting on the seated ones is not realistic. A cushioned chair changes the timbre/mutes it a bit and a few of them are shot almost directly into it.

karl hungus
too long. +2 for the self-buttercup.
Godard's Drinking Problem
This reminds me of growing up in Chicago.
Magical Man from Happy-Land
what the fuck internet
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